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The Baby Registry Moms Wish They Had Known About



✔️ First Prenatal Appointment

✔️ Announce Pregnancy to Family and Friends


After the initial appointments and announcing your pregnancy to family and friends, what is the first thing on your exceptionally long pregnancy to-do list? Your registry of course!! You gotta get to spoiling that sweet little bun in the oven! 😃 This is why we are starting out our first blog post on just that here at The Navy Baby!

Selecting items for your baby registry as a first time parent is hard, but selecting where to register is even harder!! That is why The Navy Baby is here to help you out with both of these stressers. No need to stress mama, I have been there and have learned SO much since then. Countless hours of research, advice from other mommy friends, along with trial and error from my own experiences has landed me with this knowledge.

Where do all the pregnant mamas typically go to register? The answer used to be Babies R Us… but they are no longer is business. That is okay though, they were overpriced with limited options anyways. With no Babies R Us anymore to default to, where are you supposed to register? Some of the other default answers would be Target, Buy Buy Baby, etc. All of which are good options, but may not be the optimum choice depending on your situation. For instance, do you live far from family resulting in the price of shipping being an important factor? Do you want a large selection of items to choose from? Do you not want to be limited to one store? Would you like great customer service if needed? Do you want a completion discount plus free shipping? Do you want even more additional rewards from your registry?! Well good news! There is a baby registry with ALL of these perks!

This coveted registry my fellow mamas is Amazon Baby Registry! I apologize this is a long post, but it just displays how much I love Amazon’s Baby Registry and how much it has to offer! I will be honest here, this will probably be the longest post I ever have! 😃

Where to begin… To answer your question, no you do NOT have to be a Prime member to have an Amazon Baby Registry, but Prime members get even more rewards! Let me start by saying it pays to be a Prime member! Not only for your baby registry but in general. I will admit, years ago I was too stubborn to pay for a membership because I figured I would not use it enough to more than pay for the cost of membership (figuring the membership was only for free shipping FYI). Boy was I wrong! My husband already had a membership so naturally I began to use his account. I had NO IDEA how much you get for your money!! Who knew Amazon Prime members had access to movies, TV shows, music, and more?! I certainly did not! In all honesty who needs cable, just pay for both Amazon and Netflix memberships and you more than likely have access to all the entertainment you need for a much smaller price tag! But I digress. Seriously though, I never used Amazon as much as I do now that my little one is here. Between pregnancy and now taking care of my baby, I order as much as I can off of Amazon because it means less errands to run with an infant and more playtime while you wait for your items to arrive at your doorstep two days later. It is a win-win! Not a Prime member? Click here to learn more and sign up!


Okay okay, let’s get into the perks and benefits of the Amazon Baby Registry!




This app is incredibly useful for managing your registry on the go! If you see something you love in a store or if you hear of something new from someone while out on the town, simply open the app and add the item to the registry. Simple as that! I cannot tell you how many times I utilized this tool while out and about! No hassle of internet browsers and log in credentials each time you want to add or delete an item. 🙌 You can manage your registry whenever and wherever you want. Plus, you get instant updates on items purchased which means preventing you from buying that same product while at the store and in nesting mode. 😉



There is no need to be limited to one stores selection of baby items when you have a universal registry! Amazon Baby Registry allows you to add items from any site for one easy to manage registry. In addition, Amazon Baby Registry helps you keep track of Thank You cards that you have sent to those who have purchased from your registry. Which, as all new mommies know, is very difficult to keep track of between pregnancy brain which then turns into your newfound mom brain!

Here is an extra dash of goodness, you can add items onto your registry from any site using Amazon Assistant on your computer! Do not be intimidated, this tool is very simple to use. To put it plainly, I managed to use it without any difficulty so that has gotta say something! Plus Amazon Assistant is an incredibly useful tool to help you compare prices of different products while shopping online. Amazon Assistant allows you to easily add items both sold on Amazon or on other websites to any of your Amazon registries or lists. In addition, you can choose to receive notifications on deals, your Amazon orders, and more. Learn more about Amazon Assistant here.




A complimentary welcome box from Amazon is sent to your door packed with fun sample and FULL size items! Items change periodically but some examples of items received are baby wipes, pacifiers, baby wash, swaddle blankets, and more! I will admit Amazon has added some really amazing items to their welcome box since having received mine last year. Even then I absolutely loved my welcome box, but they have just made it that much better! Mine and my husband’s personal favorite was the hedgehog swaddle blanket! Our son took his first newborn hospital pictures in it! 😍 Thanks Amazon! So how do you get your hands on Amazon’s welcome box? With three easy steps: become an Amazon Prime member, complete Amazon’s registry checklist, and have $10 worth of purchases from your registry! It is as simple as that!



My absolute favorite part of Amazon’s Baby Registry is their Baby Bucks!! When your registry’s total qualified purchase amount from you or your gift givers reaches $1,000 (and has shipped), Amazon rewards you with $100 credit towards items from their Baby Bucks list! Originally I thought how long would it take to reach $1,000 and will we even reach that much?! Who was I kidding…. purchase a car seat, stroller, crib, and mattress and you have already reached that total. 😬 The items offered are chosen by Amazon for this program. Some items included are diapers, wipes, bottles, and even strollers! Keep an eye out for my next post coming soon for more information on items offered and to find out how I was able to purchase 3,264 baby wipes for only $10.70! Disclaimer: you must be a Prime member to claim the $100 in rewards.




This is where being a Prime member is useful yet again. Baby registries of Prime members are offered a 15% completion discount on eligible items! Now, you are probably thinking “eligible items” might not include much, but it is more than you think! In fact, you are not just limited to baby items. I was able to add laundry detergent and my makeup into the total for the discount! The key is the items must be added and purchased through your Baby Registry as well as state that they are eligible for the completion discount. Sorry dads the 60” flat screen television does not apply. 😉 Not a Prime member? You can still enjoy a 10% completion discount!



Let’s talk rewards! Yes, there is more! 😃 Prime members enjoy a free parenting eBook, discounts from Amazon Prints, maternity savings, baby item discounts, and much more! Not to mention you have access to Amazon Family!



Amazon hosts a sweepstakes where registry members can enter for a chance to win credit towards their registry!



Lots of people have Amazon Prime, why not have a registry where they could utilize the free 2-day shipping as they shop for you! They are happy and you are too! Amazon Baby Registry also offers free 90 day returns on baby store items.



If you have not checked it out for yourself go to Amazon now to see just how limitless your options are for baby items! Seriously, the options are endless! Over 270,000 baby items to be exact. 😉


Other mommy friends of mine said they wish they had known about the Amazon Baby Registry when they were pregnant with their little ones! Have I convinced you now why Amazon is an amazing place to register? 😁 Click here to sign up and begin prepping for your precious baby today!


Have fun!



P.S. Need one more reason why you should go Amazon Prime? Whole Foods now offers discounts to those with Prime memberships! Simply download the Whole Foods Market app, enter in your Amazon Prime login information, and scan the barcode on your phone at check out. As a side note: Whole Foods also offers a case discount when you buy 6 or more of the same item! Bring on the baby food and formula! 😃 Sign up to be a Prime Mama now!

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